Covid 19 Vaccine

Covid 19 Venue Restrictions 

The current government regulations during Covid-19 require that full vaccination is mandatory for many public venues. This means that to attend an event or program at the venue, you must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19, and able to show evidence of this.

Currently, all of FirstAidPro’s training venues in Victoria fall under these restrictions. As such, although full Covid-19 vaccination is not a specific requirement for doing training with FirstAidPro, it is the case that all our Victorian venues require attendees to be fully vaccinated. Meaning you will need to show evidence of vaccination to be able to attend our courses.

These are government requirements, and not within the power of FirstAidPro (or the venue) to change. We ask that you be respectful of trainers and venue staff in this matter.

We recommend that you consider this, and review the Covid-19 vaccination policy of your chosen venue before booking a course. If you are refused entry to a course, you may contact us on (08) 7120 2570 to discuss your options. Our staff will do our best to find a suitable solution for you, but please be aware that we cannot issue refunds.

Vaccination requirements for specific venues

You must be fully vaccinated to enter the following venues in Victoria: