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Why First Aid Training a Must for Teachers and School Staffs

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School is usually one of the safest places for children, especially when teachers and school staff have proper first aid training. With the right knowledge and skills, they would be able to respond quickly in an emergency.


Emergencies at School

Teachers and school staff have lots of responsibilities that go beyond providing quality education. One of which is to make sure that students remain safe while they are on school premises. With many things happening on school grounds, it is no surprise it can lead to medical emergencies – both minor and major.

So whether in an academic classroom or school gym, there is a need to be vigilant. Teachers and schools staff are expected to provide immediate first aid care in the absence of a medical professional.

The most effective way to ensure everyone’s safety is to make first aid training courses a must for teachers and other school staff. Here are four reasons why:

  1. Learn common school emergencies

No matter how much we prepare, the school is where most common child injuries happen. Incidents like falls, minor scrapes, wounds, fractures, and other serious health problems can happen frequently. In a First Aid Course, teachers will learn the most common school emergencies and their first aid equivalent. These include how to stop nosebleeds, choking management, treating sprains and fractures, first aid for bites, and much more.

  1. Effective wound care management

Most schools have physical training and exercises in their curriculum, which makes minor injuries a normal concept. It can be in the form of a bleeding wound, dislocated joints, and internal injuries. While bleeding wounds are easy to take care of, internal bleeding is more difficult to spot. A trained first aider can recognise signs of internal bleeding and know which steps to take.

A First Aid course will involve all topics regarding child safety. These include wound care, applying bandages, using OTC creams and ointments, and avoiding further injuries.

  1. Promote recovery and prevent further injuries

First aid training for teachers and school staff promotes a sense of safety. Knowledge of first aid pushes them to become more active and alert. It makes them capable of managing incidents and allows them to take care of children’s injuries promptly.

Performing first aid helps reduce the child’s recovery time and can save them from temporary disability from turning into a permanent one.

  1. Boost overall safety

With teachers and all support staff trained in first aid, the safety of the school is boosted.  The performance of first aid prevents the worsening of any condition. In fact, first aid can make a significant difference between life and death in an emergency.

Teachers and school staff trained in providing lifesaving assistance can help anyone recover until emergency services arrive.

From minor injuries to major situations, First Aid courses are tailored towards dealing with all types of emergencies in school.


Take away

Being a teacher or working in the education sector, in general, is truly a rewarding profession. Thus, all educators must be well-prepared for any emergencies that can happen at school. Proper first aid training can save lives and boost teachers’ confidence to promote safety and educate the students.

Are you a teacher or school support staff looking for the right first aid training for children? The First Aid Course Melbourne offers Provide First Aid in an education and care setting courses in all parts of Sydney. Taking this course will equip you with the basics of first aid to cover common risks for students.

Book now and be ready for any situation at school.

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