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In-House First Aid Training For Your Business

First Aid for Business

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The easiest way to get your employees trained in first aid is to host a course at your premises.

With the help of your trusted registered training organisation (RTO), you can have First Aid come to you. In-house training allows greater convenience, flexibility and will save you time and money. It also plays a big role in boosting employees’ morale and productivity.

With that in mind, many businesses are opting for in-house first aid training options, harnessing the multitude of benefits.



When it comes to providing first aid training to employees, organising it in your workplace is as convenient as it comes. The majority of our corporate clients prefer in-house training, as our First Aid, CPR, and AED courses can be arranged at the convenience of the company and its employees. Having one person come to the workplace to train is much easier than sending eight employees away for the day.



One of the benefits of In-house first aid training is controlling the time and duration of the training. It provides businesses with the flexibility to pick a date and time suitable for them. The training can be scheduled in a manner, so the timing doesn’t overlap with the working hours. Hence, employees don’t have to fall behind on their work schedules.


Save time and money

Sending employees to external first aid training can incur hefty travel expenses on top of course fees, making in-house first aid training much more effective. In an in-house first aid training, the cost per head will be generally lower, and travel costs will drop to a nice round zero. More time is saved by not travelling to a training location and less time away from the business.


Interactive & relaxed courses

Employees will be in a familiar environment, putting them at ease and making them open to learning. They are more likely to interact and ask questions that will help them expand their skills and knowledge in attending medical emergencies, both inside and outside the workplace.


Boost morale and productivity

Aside from making the employees feel more engaged and better supported, in-house first aid training positively affects their overall morale and productivity. It breaks up the typical working week, giving employees the chance to interact with one another. Hosting a first aid course on your premises can give newfound confidence to the workforce, which could increase productivity.


Tailored to your business

Although the core content of the course is similar to our scheduled courses, there will be greater flexibility to spend more time on the topics that are most relevant to your industry. In-house first aid training can easily be customised to the business’ particular requirements and hazards.

The primary reason why many businesses invest in first aid training is to keep their employees safe and healthy, and more effective. Studies have proven that investing in first aid training improves employee job performance, loyalty, and productivity, and many employers are now catching up.

Whether you opt for an In-House First Aid training course or an external training course for your employees, you can make the best decision as to which will deliver results to your business.

For further details, please contact us using the in-house enquiry form or give us a call at 08 8382 4677 and one of our staff will be happy to assist you.

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